Kirkland Bransen

Captain of the Knights/Ranger of Ithilian


Favors a 100# well crafted Greatbow given to him by the Range Master at Ithilond.

Father was from Pelagir, mother from the Dol Amroth. In times of need the small portion of the blood of Westernese in his veins has aided him in things that should have been improbable.

True-hearted Patriot, a SpecWar operative set in Tolkiens’ Middle Earth.

Superb night sight allowing excellent skills in night tracking, and night running. This is due to his being colorblind.

Named in Rohan.


Father was the customs master of Pelagir. When my father refused to take a bribe unscrupulous men killed my parents and burned down their home. Mother tossed me threw a window to save my life. I was 4. Taken in by the urchin gangs because young get more money begging. At 10 spotted Nathan (an Ithilian Ranger) I started following him home. When I lost sight of him I turned around and bumped into him. He saw something in me and took me to live with a medically retired Ranger and his wife in Ithilian. They raised me as their own son. When the time was right Nathan came for me and after encounters with a werewolf, barbarians, orcs, a troll and (shutter) Cob I came to Ithilond.

Kirkland Bransen

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