Servant of ERU


Still young. Wandering the world going where GOD leads him.
VERY Charismatic. Devout.


From a far away land (Brittany). At age 2 started speaking a tongue no one else understood while staring at the ceiling. At age 3 villagers sent their sick to my house for healing. At night looking at the stars I see them as windows into Heaven. I have seen the Heavenly choir through the stars. At age 5 twelve dark riders came for me. I beheld The Eye and he looked away first. Escaped with Eba (A monk)in a small boat. Eba died at sea. Pirates “rescued” me, then decided that I was their new mascot. That ship was taken by other pirates who sold me to slavers. Through all this I was relatively unharmed. (Protected?) Bought by Sakim who Eru sent to be a teacher to me. Have traveled with the Eldar Irolome. Irolome sensed something special about me and tried to look into me to figure it out. That was when he noticed my Guardian Maiar. I have since seen my Guardian myself and begun a dialogue with him.


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